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Alicus Server

Postby iareseriouscat » Thu 09 Nov, 2017 02:36

Next server should be named after the greatest ae player of all time. Alicus.

It should begin at A40. That's where Alicus would eventually end up at anyways. He would have wanted it that way.

WL Epsilon would have never let this happen.
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Re: Alicus Server

Postby Hash » Sat 18 Nov, 2017 16:52

No server is a real server without the Alicus gangbang in the lowers.

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Re: Alicus Server

Postby Beowulf » Fri 12 Jan, 2018 13:41

Someone linked me this on Twitter.

I'm flattered. Hope you're all doing well if you're still playing this game.

You can always reach me at
I have my DMs open so anybody is able to send a message. Be fun to catch up with some old friends.

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