Dear Wizard, Please Open Kepler 30s

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Re: Dear Wizard, Please Open Kepler 30s

Postby Rajam » Sat 03 Feb, 2018 21:43

There have been servers opening every few months for a long time. The overwhelming majority are considered to be dead servers. I wouldn't consider adding another cluster to Kepler as being the solution.

I'd say we needed something a little more radical than that.

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Re: Dear Wizard, Please Open Kepler 30s

Postby Soldier48 » Tue 06 Feb, 2018 20:42

The_General wrote:I am not saying that opening a new cluster will keep Kepler alive long term however I do think it will prolong its life, from my experience, when a new cluster was opened it meant that new players had somewhere they go start the game in and players who had been defeated in other clusters had somewhere they could restart in, it also added a new guild or group of guilds for who would be top and win the server.

As I said in my original post, this would also give Wizard time to work on changes and launch them along with a new server, perhaps version 3.0

1. If the new cluster opens, I highly doubt the new players can catch up to current players. Would serve merely as farm material at this point. Kepler is too far along for a new cluster, a new cluster should only be opened within a week of launch of a server.
2. I don't play Kepler, but we are waiting for a new server, I know many will not start on Kepler even if a new cluster is opened.

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Re: Dear Wizard, Please Open Kepler 30s

Postby Logans Run » Tue 06 Feb, 2018 23:19

The_General wrote:Dear Wizard,

I know you probably will not read this, however I am creating this thread in the hope of the small chance that you will.

Aww. You were all nice n ish too.

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Re: Dear Wizard, Please Open Kepler 30s

Postby Baylor » Sat 10 Feb, 2018 18:09

Baylor - Someday at 11:13 AM
asae at least 100 people, zuosi/shunt/vudu at least 100 farm type players, and SFC
there gonna be at least 500 players 100 apiece in farm guilds all going for the next server

Baylor - Someday at 11:14 AM
both ftw and bmf had to kill their way through a ton of food in lowers and 20s respectively. to survive

imo its far too late for viable K30s. so close to the new server too
they could've had viable K30s easily, but they would've needed to launch at least 1 or 2 months ago

K30s would've needed to be all these sim guys who lost and got farmed from lowers/gofae 20s, 80 shunt, vudu kd, etc
80 new guys SFC
and the other 30 in new account randoms all K20s streamlined

Baylor - Someday at 11:25 AM
probably they'll get close to 1000 in player count for both traditional farm guild and new farm type players
on the new server that is

imagine if they did K30s and wizard trolled them by giving only 30 days of sim/protection time lol
that's what I would do. so they can get farmed and ragequit in time for new server

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Re: Dear Wizard, Please Open Kepler 30s

Postby Lazy Titan » Sat 10 Feb, 2018 22:31

yeah , lets gather these 1000 defeated newbies left ( im sure as hell its less than 300 ) and make them all quit together , how productive that will be
p.s: not looking for an argument here, just saying that these are but mere erotic dreams and that will never happen in any server because simply , i dont think you will be willing to pay 1200$ per server to cover for the potential loss

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