Make Alpha Great Again

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Re: Make Alpha Great Again

Postby Vault Boy » Sun 25 Feb, 2018 03:59

Nagel wrote:People seem to forget who cyclic Alpha is.


Like, we just keep messing up the order and someone else comes out on top. No one gets perma farmed so it just messes up the pile and settles again.

Asstec :naughty:

Bad Nagel

Tells people to break up the pacts > Defends Aztec :headshake: /facepalm

solace wrote: VBII (Tricky)

Unlucky Colin :dance:
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Re: Make Alpha Great Again

Postby Dongger » Fri 15 Jun, 2018 02:03

What isn’t this still a thang?

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Re: Make Alpha Great Again

Postby SC_boy » Wed 20 Jun, 2018 16:19

Trump will fix it!

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Re: Make Alpha Great Again

Postby Nagel » Thu 21 Jun, 2018 09:38

I already did.


Qµeen Bruskie wrote:I was hoping you'd have enough sense to not be a retard. Too much credit I suppose.
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Re: Make Alpha Great Again

Postby Nagaho » Sun 24 Jun, 2018 07:47

just give the Drekons shed loads moar spawn fleet and the will to attack any large gatherings with their superior tech they are the true elite and natural enforcers of alphaverse!

“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”
― George Carlin

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