Where is chat

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Where is chat

Postby Peer » Wed 07 Mar, 2018 21:56

Hello where i can find the chat of AE? Please post a link. Thanks

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Re: Where is chat

Postby Rajam » Wed 07 Mar, 2018 22:20

AE doesn't have a chat feature. Generally speaking the guild you join will have a chat channel through Discord, Skype or whatever they choose.

If your guild doesn't have that you should question your choice of guilds.


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Re: Where is chat

Postby Forums_suck » Wed 01 Aug, 2018 14:31

The previous reply is misleading.
AE has built in chat, but only if you're in a guild. You will see it as "Board". You do not need to use an external chat application, although most guilds will have one.

There is however no 'global' chat feature, thank god

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