A Picture of Vile

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Willy Wonka
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Re: A Picture of Vile

Postby Willy Wonka » Fri 15 Jun, 2018 12:12

Lies, this is what Vile really looks like. I was just at a party with him last week and took this picture.

ConsortiumCzar wrote
Good fight and I take responsibility. Jord told me to issue recall but I didn't.

Fake thanks you for all your fail Czar :clap:
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Re: A Picture of Vile

Postby Osteogon » Sat 16 Jun, 2018 02:41

Oh I get it, you're implying that you're nothing but trash. We happen to agree with you. You posted a picture of Vile stomping on top of you, it's like a re-enactment of Lynx, right?

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