Commamder kill

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Planet bob
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Commamder kill

Postby Planet bob » Fri 03 Aug, 2018 10:45

What determines when a commander is killed?
I can have high level commander that dies first time a base attacked and at same time hold a base under occupation for a long time before it has its commander killed
How does one know is it random chance or is there accually a set formula the game uses

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Jake from State Farm
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Re: Commamder kill

Postby Jake from State Farm » Fri 17 Aug, 2018 00:35

It's all math. Everytime a base it hit/pillaged there is a 10% chance that a commander will die. That doesn't mean he will die if your hit 10 times but he can also die on the 1st hit too. I've found it to be fairly random. I've lost 3 commanders all in 1 hit and have had a base occupied for weeks and no commander die.

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