Unrest+VM tactics makes mobile fleets essentially unkillable

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Unrest+VM tactics makes mobile fleets essentially unkillable

Postby Baylor » Sat 15 Sep, 2018 17:56

The stated purpose of Unrest recent feature update was to combat the difficulty of long term occupations.

Right now it’s possible to use a combo of Unrest and Vacation mode tactics to make mobile fleets essentially unkillable. This I don't believe was the intended purpose of Unrest. I first learned of this from an older server that I don't play on, but eventually this emergent behavior will show up on all servers young and old.

When leaving vacation mode, the account is not allowed to re-activate VM for however long, I think its 48 or 72 hours. A fleet is recall trapped and the base is occupied. The trapped fleet can either 1) use Unrest and then hide behind VM or 2) go into VM and use Unrest closer to the fleet landing as Unrest will increase while the base is VM occupied.

There should be a few ways to neatly address this using time restrictions; if a player leaves VM then Unrest doesn't begin accumulating until after 72 hours, or after using Unrest then VM cannot be activated for 48-72 hours or perhaps both are needed to prevent the "power overwhelming" (invulnerability cheat code) from being viable.

However, the trapped player can always increase the travel time of their fleet. So it may not be possible to eliminate this entirely without severely nerfing the interaction of Unrest+VM into the ground. Even so, by implementing something along the lines of what I described in paragraph 4, this gives players on the hunter side at least a chance of killing these fleets, and requires more selectivity and expert timing by the hunted. It’s possible to burn all their VM for the year but it requires something like trapping the fleet 5 different times to actually achieve that.


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Re: Unrest+VM tactics makes mobile fleets essentially unkillable

Postby SEWI » Thu 20 Sep, 2018 01:02

the argument stands only for local stronghold bullies...

not for regular players....thus not relevant.

Same name...same guild...all servers... :biglaugh:

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