A walk in the space park - Full Guide 2018/2019 Series.

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A walk in the space park - Full Guide 2018/2019 Series.

Postby Gamer798 » Mon 05 Nov, 2018 21:21


For the past 12 years, I have played this game with the most brilliant players and people I have met in my life. This was a very pleasant experience, but recent years have shown a decrease in skills and proper guides that aren't outdated. In this guide series, I will try my best to split it up in sections that can be chosen by all of you so you can choose what matters to you instead of ploughing through guide after guide or information post after information post. This guide will have links to the respectively post in the future or to other guides as it takes too much time to recalculate everything or have simply not changed since. This will be updated over time as I a lot. I am not native English so feel free to point out typo's or misconceptions. Feel free to correct any mistaken explanation I have given too. I am a human being, not an Artificial intelligence....yet.... ;)

Thank you in advance

Part 1 - The beginning
Part 2 - Defence & Occupation
Part 3 - Fleet compositions & Tips/tricks
Part 4 - Various AE aspects
Part 5 - The guild, as member, as leader, as an ally, as an enemy
Part 6 - Special accounts

Part 1. The beginning

1.1. Starting an account

To start an account you can go to main page of the game.
On this page you see "About", "Media" and "Servers". Click on "Servers" and click the server of your choice. After that, you see a red button "Start playing". You will see a few registration details that you need to fill in. Nickname, E-mail address, Password, Country. You have the option to receive offers & news by email if you click "Receive our newsletter with the latest news and offers". This is optional. The terms of the agreement is a must in order to make an account.

When that is done you press "Start Playing".

You will see the following message:
You are about to start your great empire in this universe full of adventures.

You just need to confirm your email now.

We have just sent an email to XXXXXXX@hotmail.com with the activation link.

If you don't receive the confirmation email within a few minutes, please check if it is not being filtered as spam.

Please contact game support if you don't receive the verification email. Go to Hotmail, Gmail, .... (depends on the email account you use).
In your email account, you will find a mail to activate your account. In that email is a link.
This link looks like "https://alpha.astroempires.com/login.as ... 4521343155"

Once this link is clicked, your account is activated. The option to choose your starting location is now given. Your account is officially activated.

1.2. Starting galaxy

In the galaxy choice menu you will be given the following options:

1) In the current Streamline (Recommended) -
2) In galaxy #### (select if you want to start close to any friend)

The "recommended" usually places you where there is room for new accounts or where the server demands more accounts. This is good if you have no friends, allies or knowledge yet about the game or the guilds/diplomatics of the server. Although it is generally advised to look a bit on the forum if you can to find out who is possibly where. If the server is new and no information is available about guilds and politics picking a galaxy entreé point or leaving point like "00, 09, 20,29, ...." is always interesting to many guilds if you are interested in building jumpgates and several invasion attacks which we will later talk about.

Or you can try your luck with recommended and hope to find your new guild/friends by random. The choice is yours!

1.3. The first log in

The first time you log into your account you will see a green button named " Start the tutorial".

Before you click it there is something very important you must research and that is what your starter planet is. For V1.5 ALL your bases must have metal 3! Otherwise your production capacity of your fleets will be lower than your enemy for good. For 2.0 you can ONLY have 2 metal IF they are Crystaline Planets for the Crystal mines on it to boost eco. (See later explenation). This is most vital for having a good start in the game early on. A few examples of good celestial bodies are "Rocky Planets Position 1,2,4,5" Rocky Moons Pos 1,2,3,4,5" "Metallic Planets Pos 1,2". Sometimes these are very fast picked and are randomly generated so restarting multiple times in the same or different galaxy will be necessary to gain any of them. To closer clarify what Pos 1 or 2.... means is that

Astros in first position/near the Star get more Solar Energy (4 to 0) => 1st Pos

Astros in the 2nd and 3rd position from Star get +1 Fertility.

Astros in the 4th and 5th position from Star get +1 Gas.

Planets have a larger area than Moons/astroids therefore later on much more profitable. Asteroids only have a 25% defensive
Construction of a Planetary Shield or a Planetary Ring costs 50% on Moons, and 25% on Asteroids. You must keep in mind that Area cost is later on much more expensive than Planetary Shields or Planetary Rings!

With that being said if you do not have the desired Planet/Moon/Asteroid as a starter location than you must restart your account. You go to your profile button ( The helmet button in the upper middle of your screen).
You see than "Restart Account" between vacation mode and Delete account. You can choose where you want to restart or the same location depending on your specific choice. You must give in your password and click confirm to fulfil this option.


* You can restart your account a dozen times, but eventually you will have to wait a minute and later on 15 minutes and so forth.
This is to avoid abuse. Also, the planets rotate in groups of 2->3. If no new accounts are made as you restart that rotation will remain the same.
You will have to be forced to wait, choose another galaxy or ask a friend to restart his account in that galaxy to create a new rotation.

Once that is all settled, you can move on to the tutorial.

Click it and you will get a task. In order to fulfil that task, you must click "Empire". (Left upper corner) Once you are in this menu you will see "Construction" with under it a "(0)" that is like a link. You click on it and you will see your base menu. right corner you will see "Construction Queue". There you can select your buildings and Queue them as you like. There is an order that is not explained in the tutorial to speed up the process of getting your first Outpost ship(The ship necessary to make your second base) and create a balanced start to then work towards your 10 bases in first seven days if you are playing 1.5 version of the game. Or as many bases as possible in 2.0 version. There are significant differences as previously explained.

*You can follow the tutorial until you are satisfied or completed it, but it will mess up your growing speed. People will outgrow you and attack you very likely before you have the correct defences to defend you from aggressive individuals. Therefore we advise following the list posted underneath this text.

In general, there are many ways to do this. There are ways that are letting you build as fast as possible without loss of time/effort/credits.
If you are interested in this the finest one for V1.5 (Also usable for 2.0) is the " Running to get your first OS AE_V.1.5 (Created by IGØR)"

1.4. Base 2 build. What now?

Your second base is built, congratz. I hope you build it on a Position 1 or 2 Rocky Planet!

Every base you build the cost increases:

For V1.5:


For V2.0:


For Version 1.5, All your bases should be built on Rocky Planets Position 1 or 2 if possible. The only exceptions are "Jumpgate accounts" "Rebel/trouble accounts".
Jumpgate accounts are accounts that are built in your guild stronghold/galaxy or galaxies where your friends or you are present. This is also mostly done in enemy territories to boost movement of your guild fleets or your own fleets.
Some planets give more energy which is beneficial considering Jumpgates are costing a lot of energy. This kind of account has usually low level to avoid being hit by bigger players as there is a player protection system in the game as previously explained. These accounts have many methods and possibilities depending on your choices!

For 2.0, Your base 2-3 should also be Rocky Planet Pos 1 or 2. Base 4,6,8 can be Crystalline Planets to boost the economy. How many crystalline Planets you should have in your full base list depends on opinion.
I personally advise 2-3 max. Some will easily say 4-6 or even all of them. I would advise a healthy balance between economy and production capacity. Crystalline planets have a Crystal mine which boosts the economy income of your planet.
In 2.0 economy is very important as there is a "fleet maintenance" (kinda like a tax) so the higher the economy the lower the % will be affecting you. If you have low production you will fall behind too so there is a balance in AE you must respect.

You use the same rotations building up your every base except not all bases need research bases. Most basic accounts have three bases with research facilities on it. Some push it to 4-5 later on due the available tech to link those research bases to boost your research speed/capacity.

1.5. The building Chart

The following chart is for me as GM a must. If you don't follow this your account will not be efficient. You will ask yourself why are these big players better than me and so fast? Usually, this is why.





This chart is updated and composed by me based on previous outdated charts. No doubt there are people who have similar or slightly different.
AE is easy to play, hard to master and there are always opinions that are different. This is just to give you a good point to start with. Feel free to experiment time to time.
One day, you may make this one obsolete cause you find an easier way or a better way to do so!

1.5 Commanders

Commanders come in several forms and shapes.
Defence commander and tactical commander aren't really advised to use. You can use them but they don't live very long under occupation and are a waste for XP you gained to build them up. Rather use Command Centers.

Production commanders are very valuable they increase your production capacity from a bit to a lot considering their levels. Most players use them permanently on all their bases except 1 or 2 depending on how your account builds.

Construction commanders are good to have in the beginning to build faster. With the latest AE version, most prefer these cause construction allows you to build up faster and with the fleet maintenance around it will slow your fleet building down cause your economy gets harmed by it. So building more buildings increasing your economy and balance of your account is indeed advised.

Research commanders are usually used for one or two research bases as you later will link all your research bases to one main research base to cut the time of building researches(Tachyon communications needed for it) it is advised to build only one of those and put it on your main research base.

Logistic commanders are used on high Jumpgate bases other then that don't use them if you don't have high-level jump gates on your base that 1% per level of your commander doesn't help you at all. Better with a con or prod commander.
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Re: A walk in the space park - Full Guide 2018/2019 Series.

Postby Gamer798 » Mon 05 Nov, 2018 21:22

Part 2 Defence & Occupation

2.1. Defenses

First and for all. Your base can be occupied, but never destroyed.
Since very short there is a new feature that doesn't allow it to permanent occupy your base by big players. This feature is called "Unrest". This feature will be better explain further on.

The short version about defences:

- Missile Turrets - MT
-Ion Turrets - IT
-Photon Turrets - PhT
-Disruptor Turrets - DT

- Barracks - Barr
-Laser Turrets - LT
-Plasma Turrets - PT
-Planetary Rings - PR

[Defence Level 1] 10/10 MT (35 Base Economy)
[Defence Level 2] 10/10 IT (50 Base Economy)
[Defence Level 3] 10/10 PHT (70 Base Economy)
[Defence Level 4] 10/10 DT (110 Base Economy)

[TR Defence] FT = Base TR Cost
(All other fleet is Mobile Fleet, which should be making you money)

Players with level<10 - Player bases can’t be attacked.

Players with level>=10 and Level<20 - Bases can only be attacked by players within 5 levels difference.

Players with level>=20 and level<30 - Bases can only be attacked by a player within 10 levels difference.

Why build MT, IT, PhT, DT and not Barr, LT, PT, PR. This is a pure choice of most leaders and players in AE who have been around for a while. There are those who will say this is utterly wrong and this is not true. I will not say they are wrong or right. Find your own way that suits you, but I will explain you why from my point of view and like-minded players share this vision in the hope you understand the value of this information.

Missile Turrets provide for low missile tech and 20 credits 5/5 Missile Turret. Around the time you get this tech, you will need your first defences as you will be nearing level 10. If you read the first part you will also see when to build those MT's. Always have at least 1 set of MT's before you hit level 10 or you will be farmed. Any trade route you have at the beginning make sure you have 1 FT as well to protect it.

IT's are beneficial and better choice than Plasma Turrets due to cost-effectiveness and strength. They take a bit longer to build, but they last longer until your next "tier" of technology to build PhT's. They are more effective both in cost and strength as said previously and it allows you to have some breathing room to improve your account otherwise you will be building defences non-stop and in the end, they aren't effective at all.

PhT's are very cost and strength efficient before you gain the tech for Disruptor Turrets.

You can build 2 sets to 4 sets of each defensive turret depending on your location. If playing in a guild your stronghold galaxies should allow you to be fine with 2 sets. If you are solo or not in friendly territory(guild stronghold) mostly 3 to 4 sets should do the job. Just make sure your economy per base and defences are a bit in balance. As previously shown in the short version.

Why don't we build or use Barr, LT's, PTs and PR's?

The cost gained for strength is not beneficial to your account growth. For PR's there is an exception. They are insanely strong and you can build them as soon as you like if you are solo or outside friendly territory. If this is not the case and you are with a guild and in the stronghold, we advise not to build them until much later on for the fact that they are expensive as hell. If every player on every base build one set of PR's this costs an insane amount of credits that would be much better spent in development of your account or fleet. Cause fleet wins wars in AE. If your guild doesn't keep up with fleet sizes of the enemy you will be defeated early on. That is why most GM's do not like people building PR's unless you are a spread out guild without a stronghold, solo or in enemy territory.

Tip: -> If your defence Turret credit price is too high, but you want it to be a little bit stronger you can improve the tech of this turret. For example. For a Photon Turret you can build another Photon technology this will strengthen your Turret. A few levels of that can mean that it is worthy of +1 set. The higher the tech, the stronger the turret. Same goes for fleet, production, construction.

2.2. Occupation

Understand the following sentences before you even do anything else in the game.

YOU WILL BE HIT. This is a wargame. You will be occupied, destroyed and forced to rebuild your forces up.
If you can't handle that you better find another game. There are many things you can do to make it easier upon yourself.
Let us discuss them.

If you are occupied this means that you were either profitable for your enemy or the enemy just hated you enough to shoot you.
The player can only keep you occupied ten days as 10% unrest grows per day and after 50% re-occing is impossible. At 100% you can free your base by force. And it can't be occupied until it drops enough % again.

Good defences, decent base defence Fleet and low credits in the bank will prevent most hits.
A good fleet defence can exist later on of 1 Dreadnought ship + 600 FT's. There are many other methods to do so, but this is a basic on. Throughout the game from beginning to start Fighters are your main defence 200-1000 FT's, 2-5 cruisers or when you can 2 Heavy Cruisers per base. Gradually building up to the one dreadnought +600 FT's.

Build some commander centres they are cheap up to 20 that means 200% damage output.
It takes a punch! You can disband them after it. If you are occupied temporarily in your stronghold
I advise just to free your base without building those extra command centres. Use your fleet(s) to do it.

- If an enemy is coming to your base drop your trade routes cause your enemy can't plunder them AND you can restore them if the enemy leaves soon after.
- Advanced tactic only to be used in serious situations is that sometimes lowering economy per base cause it lowers the base pillage and therefore might not be profitable anymore is to lower Economy Centers. You could lower Spaceports too, but those cost a lot more and I personally do not advice this. You can use this tactic if you really do not want your enemy to hit you or trying to give them losses!!!

You are occupied and your enemy doesn't want to leave then you got a big problem. Every 24 hours the enemy can "pillage" your base. This gives credits on top of the hourly income from your base economy it leeches every 24 hours. This comes from your credit bank. So if that is 0 credits the enemy gets 0. Build some command centres and spawn some fleet to counter the enemy occupation force. We will talk later about fleet compositions.

2.3. Jumpgates

Mobility, mobility, mobility.

On every base as soon as you have the spare credits for it besides the technological requirements and so on you must build at least 1 level to 4 levels of Jumpgates on each of your bases. More is always good. JG's give you a boost 100% speed PER level of JG's. Your guild members CAN use this too. Meaning if someone comes out to help you from your guild he can pursuit or get out to safety faster. It is also a kind courtesy to not waste the players time or your own if you need to get somewhere to fight, retreat or trap fleet.

Part 3 Fleet compositions & tips/tricks

3.1. Fleet specialization

This is a very important part of the game. Be wise about this. Follow the guides, but don't be afraid to try something new too. Don't rainbow. Please don't.
Focus your tech in the balance of your fleet specialization. There are many great guides out there to follow and it would be a horrible shame not to read those instead of making a new one so this part I will give some links to good fleet composition guides instead of writing the same. The only thing that has changed are various fleet speeds, but nothing of importance to strength.

Ephesians Fleet guide - To me, this guide has aided many of my members. I find it the most composed one out there. There are many more out there you can choose from.

Judicator's Fleet spec guide - Also good one. Shorter, but good.

It is important to know your own fleets weaknesses and strengths and use those in combat to maximize success. There is no "superior" fleet in this game.
Every specialization is killable.

3.2 FT shot

A short list we use for years to one shot fleets, base defences with fighters. As they are the cheapest fleet to build and are always plenty this is used quite a lot.
This can be influenced by the tech of both offensive and the defensive player. This is a rough estimate!

5 Barracks: 10
5 Lasers: 20
5 Missiles: 40
5 Plasmas: 60
5 Ions: 500
5 Photons: 16,000
5 Disruptors: 70,000
5 Deflection Shields: 130,000
5 Planetary Shields: 520,000
5 Planetary Rings: 260,000

1 Fighter: 1
1 Bomber: 1
1 Heavy Bomber: 2
1 Ion Bomber: 4
1 Corvette: 2
1 Recycler: 1
1 Destroyer: 4
1 Frigate: 6
1 Ion Frigate: 12
1 Scout: 1
1 Outpost: 2
1 Cruiser: 80
1 Carrier: 80
1 Heavy Cruiser: 2,500
1 Battleship: 7,000
1 Fleet Carrier: 5,000
1 Dreadnought: 30,000
1 Titan: 110,000
1 Leviathan: 350,000
1 Death Star: 750,000
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Re: A walk in the space park - Full Guide 2018/2019 Series.

Postby Gamer798 » Mon 05 Nov, 2018 21:22

Part 4 Various AE Aspects

4.1 Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance

As this isn't part of every server I put this under some other interesting subjects.
Fleet maintenance is a cost to maintain your fleet. The bigger the total amount you have the higher it is.
In order to compensate with it you must have higher economy this means more building, more occupying
and certainly a well-balanced account.

Official explanation:

A soft cap to fleet size, this is a game balance feature that allows servers to stay competitive more time and allows better come back to players that lost fleet.
The fleet size that doesn't pay maintenance = Economy^1.6+(Economy/100)^3.2

Economy - Free supported fleet
100 - 1.586
1.000 – 64.681
5.000 – 1.101.954
10.000 - 5.023.773
20.000 - 30.697.814

Cost of maintenance of the fleet above the free limit
Fleet maintenance = (Above limit fleet/125)^0.7

Above Fleet - Credits/h
1K - 4 cr/h
10K - 21 cr/h
100k - 108 cr/h
1M - 540 cr/h
10M - 2.705 cr/h
50M - 8.345 cr/h
100M - 13.557 cr/h

Note: A player account credits can never go below 0 creds unless you got fined by the admins for doing something illegal.

4.2. Stronghold

A stronghold is a galaxy or galaxies that are entirely protected or ruled by your guild.
A safe place where you don't have many enemies left or are under control(mostly permanent occupied).
A stronghold allows you to less invest in defences and more into improvement and fleet building.

4.3. Shotgunning

The larger the amount of fleet the more detection time it has. This means that the bigger the fleet the easier/earlier it is detectable by your enemy. If you send small bunches of fleet instead of one big one that detection time decreases. Of course you can't send endless amount of small amounts of fleet it depends on your computer research how much you can send. Shotgunning is generally used to attack low defended bases in enemy territories or to free occupied bases. This requires use of careful calculation of your attacks.

4.4. United Colonies ~ Done by Flyboy(VIR, alpha server)

Can't explain it better so copy past on this one.

When UC's spawn fleet, its typically either heavy bombers, cruisers or heavy cruisers this is based on that bases shipyard levels.
Level 3 shipyard will only spawn heavy bombers, level 10 will spawn cruisers, etc.
The amount of UC fleet that spawns is roughly 2-6k in size. The older and larger the base, the larger the fleet that spawns.

If your occupation fleet is larger than the UC fleet that spawns, they will not try to revolt. The UC will just sit there and let you make the first moves.
If the UC fleet that spawns is close to, or higher than your occupation fleet stationed at the base, they will attack.
The UCs will do 1-3 attacks on your fleet, until either your fleet is wiped out, or the UC fleet becomes to weak to continue attacks.

When your fleet gets wiped out, the UC base is now liberated and is fair game to anyone who wants to take it, you have just lost your base.
A standard fleet should consist of 10k in a fleet to prevent the UC from attacking you. When they spawn, they will sit and wait for you to deal with them on your terms.

For holding a base of an Inactive Player, it should be treated the same as a United Colony base. The simple reason is this, there is no way of knowing when an inactive player will turn into a UC base, but when it does, it will spawn fleet and revolt if possible. Once they revolt, the base is now open for anyone to snatch up and occupy.

For holding a United Colony base, or Inactive Player base use the following:
1 dreadnought or 5 battleships or 20 heavy cruisers, try to the fleet size at 10k or more.

4.5. Offensive Occupation

The same rules apply and you must understand that your enemy will try to get free from your occupation.
Best thing to do is to counter that and switch several kinds of fleets you have in your specialized fleet.
Capital fleets like a few DN's with 2.000, A titan with 4.000 Fighters or a levi with 10.000 fighters are considered
as best permanent occupying fleets. Yet all of them have weaknesses and they will be exploited. Switching between your sizes and compositions of your perm occupations isn't a bad thing.

4.6 Trade Routes

Short distance trade routes are always adviced in the beginning cause having long distance trade routes are a waste of credits once your bases grow towards 75 eco -> 100 eco it is better to start long-distance trade routes(LD's). Mostly this is adviced in safer strongholds.

Long Distance Trade routes or LD TR's are maximum 5600 distance big and have the biggest income as well.
You should strive for unique and longest distance if possible. At the beginning of a server, this might not be always the case until more players enter and more galaxies open up.

LD Trades, 1 time LD TR per person you trade => Unique & long distance = max eco!

4.7 Blob Crashes

Offensive Crash

The launch part:

1. Do not launch early or you are a free Buffet!
2. Before you begin to launch ensure that you set alarms to be on time. This is vital. To early your dead, too late your guild is dead.
3. On a crash always send your support fleet/Recs/Scouts at least 1h30 late. Or to another location that you presume safe. Pref. the one your LS said.
3.1 Send your support fleet to separate aside so you don't accidentally launch your support fleet with your combat fleet. That is a no go!
3.2 Don't forget to send your recs/support fleet obviously.
4. Be online on landing. There is no excuse not to be! Either it is a recall or not!

Calm before the storm (Before landing)

1. I ignore all Pm's about the recall. The enemy will trick you. A recall is ALWAYS announced in big red letters by your GM!
2. The enemy will send PM's with fake or changed player names trying to make you recall or worse. Do not fall for these tricks! Be smart. Check ID's before doing anything!
3. When you land on the enemy blob change your username to that of an enemy. Best to take a player name with the counter spec of your own.
4. Fleet name changes are useless.
5. The enemy will use the same tactics fleet size is the best measurement to ensure you hit the right target!
6. Choose multiple targets for you to hit cause some of your targets could flee, be killed faster or change. Have a piece of paper or note on or near your computer to ensure the size, names, ID's etc. Just in case. Whatever makes it float for ya.

Crashing for the win!

1. Close every application, browser you are not using. Including tabs like youtube.
2. Crashes are about taking out the most dangerous fleets ASAP and if possible with the best ratio's.
3. Big fleets need to am for big fleets there is not an excuse for it. If you don't you risk losing the war!
4. Expect your enemy to bounce and try only to bounce yourself if you are confident about it.
5. Fighter drop or moving carriers etc is pointless in this situation. Land and kill your target. You are the terminator now!

Target of choice

1. claim targets on the sheets or strategy board. Take at least two or more.
2. Know your spec strength and weakness. If your target fleets move to the next or take a new one.
3. Do not shoot fleets 2x bigger than yours cause your ratios will be horrible!
4. Stay calm. Failure is a learning process.
5. Do not use frigates or lower units to kill DN's or other caps it won't work.

Fill in the contact sheet, or let the LS know how to contact you.
If you can't make the launch contact your LS. So he knows who moves and who doesn't.
communicate through an easy chat like skype, discord or whatsapp.

Most importantly, enjoy it.

4.9. Vacation Modus your weapon!

Always communicate a choice like this with your Leaders before doing this if you are in a guild cause there are a few consequences if you don't.


- After 12 hours in Vacation mode/Vac mode you can't be hit on your bases. (Fleet must be ON bases or it can be hit!)
- You can take up to 35 days per civil year Vacation mode.


- You can't attack the first 4 hours after the cancellation
- The first hour can be cancelled, otherwise 48 hours!
- 5 days after cancellation you can use it again.
-You get half of your economy income, even after 4 days of inactivity.
- You cannot use your account like starting Tr's or put in production, construction, move your fleets.
- Your Jg's can't be used by your guild! (VERY IMPORTANT)

You can use this as a weapon when you are being invaded by a big guild or enemy that you can't win from to let them pass through and when they go home you can cancel it to move on without being shot into the ground. This, of course, has many side effects and are usually guilds last "weapon". In order to save the guild total fleet, economy if you really have no other options left. Or you are not active in a certain period of danger or trouble this is optional at any time.

Be thoughtful about this. You can screw your guild/friends really badly by doing this. And obviously your own account too.

4.10 Use of Bookmarks, notes and savebox

There are three ingame methods to let you save coordinates, messages and information.
The first is Bookmarks. This function is between notes & notification button. Is on top under your message/guild board buttons.
This allows you to save coordinates and colour them on your map. Mostly used to watch targets, save JG's to find them easily back, important locations.

Notes left of Bookmarks and are handy to save parts of information that you come around. PM's, advice, locations, player pieces of information, tactics, you name it. You can store everything in it and it does use BB codes.

Savebox is a function in the message screen that allows you to save messages you send or received for future purposes. The savebox itself is the third tab in your message screen. The function itself to save is present of a button in every message "menu". Very good function to save battle reports to important messages or orders.

4.11 Help & Table function

This one may seem simple, but so many skip this!
If you are new to the game and have doubts about how to build which tech or when to build what this is your go to.
Tables allow you to see in an easy format what you need to build a certain building, fleet, tech, ...
Help function helps you to learn a lot of AE's hidden functions or how things are calculated.

Help Function

4.12 Micro-Management of TR's

Trade Income = Sqrt(Lowest base's income) x [ 1 + Sqrt(Distance)/75 + Sqrt(Players)/10 ]

-This means "The more different players you trade with the more your TR's are boosted in eco per hour.
-Long distance trade routes cost more than short distance or self-trades, but they bring more economy per hour.
-Self-trades look higher, but you take up two slots for the amount if you gain 40 eco per trade route(self-trade) means you got 20 eco per slot.
-Which should be lower than Longer distance trades.

4.13 Balancing act

Separately from the information above and under on long-term, you must consider a few things to balance your account. This can be put in a simple sentence which I will try to dissect properly.

"Your economy must be able to support your production capacity while your fleet must stay strong by improving non-stop technology(Research).
Economy, Production Cap, Technology are the three important aspects that you must balance on your account. This means that your economy must be big enough to ensure your production cap can rebuild fast as possible. Only this way you can keep building fleet 24/7. If your economy is bigger than your prod cap your prod cap must grow while if you have extra credits you can put that into research to keep your tech up to date with the server growth or improve your account further on all aspects.

This is an endless circle that is easily to know, hard to master. There are people in AE playing for over 10 years and they still haven't figured that out. Depends on how you play, how you build your account. Best advice I can give is keep learning, listening, adapting and not giving up.
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Re: A walk in the space park - Full Guide 2018/2019 Series.

Postby Gamer798 » Mon 05 Nov, 2018 21:22

Part 5 The guild - As a member, As a leader, as an ally, as an enemy

This guide is from my point of view this can be 360° differ from what you may know or think how to lead a guild. There are many ways to lead or be part of a guild. Some groups are entirely different from each other I will try my best to keep an objective perception of those kinds of guilds to help you make up your mind properly and efficiently. If you feel at any point my objective behaviour fails to feel free to contact me respectful about it and I will do what I can to adjust it.

5.1. General types of guilds

This is about the most common types of guilds in AE there are plenty of unique ones around to talk about.
Most common types are

- Pre-organized guilds
- Organized guilds
- friend guilds
- training guilds
- Open guilds
- Social guilds
- Off book guilds
- JG guilds
- Theme guilds

Every guild can be one or more of these really. It is not like there is a real line in this, but to give you some idea I will be explaining a few of those terms. A pre-organized guild means that this guild has already pacts, members, leaders set up BEFORE the new server starts. They know where they will start, they know what they want. These are usually the most dangerous but are also susceptible to betrayal and split-offs early on in the game.

Organized guilds are guilds who come together over time and organize themselves due to experienced LS who started a guild without pre-determined factors as locations, pacts, etc. They are the second most common besides Pre-organized. They are also one of the two most successful guild types in the game. These are mixed with all kinds of players. It depends on the leaders for the balance of skilled and non-skilled players.

Friend guilds are speaking for itself really. A group of friends in a guild having fun. They can be successful if enough players are in it and they have the skillset to lead and fight. Through allies, a server is winnable for them.

Training guilds mostly have a bigger guild they belong too. This is usually pre- or organised guilds. They help newer players out to grow to a certain level of skill or actual size in the game. To then go to the main guild.

Open and social guilds could be considered the same. Open guilds are guilds that simply let everyone in that seems ok to try and play the server and win it while social guilds is more about having fun, a good laugh and at end of the day it is about fun, not winning.

Off book guilds, JG guilds are guilds that focus on aspects of the game. Off book guilds eliminate targets given by allies, guilds who pay them derbs. They can gather information and sell it for credits, scout for guilds. With new improvements to the game and the game-changing in mentality, these guilds became very rare, but they are still around. JG guilds are similar to off-book guilds they build gates lend them to whoever asks them, give them derby they are mostly unaffiliated to one guild just as Off book guilds. More mercenary style.

Theme guilds are mostly combined with the other guilds. This is a lot of fun at times. They pick a theme like star wars, presidents or game theme and they roleplay while playing the game along the way. Which can be very fun to see. Ever seen Darth Vader telling Donald Duck to shut up on the forum? We did. :D :D

5.2. As a member

As a member of a guild, you have obligations to fulfil, rules to follow and rights just as in real life communities. These can differ depending on the guild type you are in.

A guild expects you to be online if possible at least once a day to fill your Queues, build up your account, talk to your members, scout a little and so on.
A guild expects you to defend and eliminate threats that can hurt the guild severely. You are obligated to assist your guild however you can depending on your life, online times and skillset. This can vary a lot. Everyone is good at something. Use it to your advantage for the guild. Guild = teamwork. Without it the guild dies. No discussion about it. Being egoistic is not a good trait. You must share in the guild. Give and take must be in balance. Don't attack your LS by the smallest thing that offends you. It is hard to lead +50 players which each their wishes, desires and ideas. Be open-minded about it and try to communicate to come to a solution for your problems or the problems of your guild.

As a member you have the right to point out mistakes, improvement to ideals, sharing of information to improve oneself and others in the game within the legal rules of AE.
As a member, you have the right to have a different opinion, but you must bring it in a respectful way.

Guilds are diverse and there will be trolls, toxic people. Also, good people will be on the board and use whatever means the LS provides. Fill in contact sheets, join discord chats, join skype chats, join website they have to communicate and share information. Inform each other of threats. have the backs of your fellow members. Be a team.

You can't win AE alone.

5.3. As a leader

As a leader, you have a huge responsibility & burden. The guarantee of winning a server does not exist. It is always a gamble and a difficult road no matter what server or preparations you pick but being prepared, organised and having a good goal does help you forward fairly easy. Use Excel sheets to track the growth of your members, blob sizes and set a clear set of rules that the guild should follow. Guidelines they can deal with.

- have guides & information about pacts/ Leadership on the guild tabs.
- Have JG's locations on the guild tab(s).
- Always ensure that you are the person your members go to if they have a question, problem or issues.
- Do not lead alone. Rely on those you can trust without a doubt!
- Being a little bit paranoid is healthy in AE, but not too much!
- Use your surroundings and locations. Learn to blob and to grow efficiently.
- Protect your members, they will protect you.
- Lead fierce, but kindly.
- Show discipline, but also mercy to your members.
- Make rules that are strict about UC, Drekon and scouting.
- Make announcements clear and short as possible.
- Use familiar colour pallet so members know it is you announcing.
- Talk to your members, have a laugh, a joke once in a while with them so they know you are human too. They forget that.
- Be there for them when they fall, be there when they win.
- Never give up.

This list could go on and on, but there is no real guide that can ensure you win. This is simply about trial and error. Do better next time and learn from your mistakes. No server is the same. Earning the trust of your members and being able to direct them to a functional and efficient growth pattern is what makes it easier. Always watch your back in case of betrayal, but also be able to forgive and trust others. Admitting mistakes and learning from them will make you a better leader tomorrow than you were today. It takes time. Some lead for a decade and still suck simply cause of that. Every guild is different. What works for me won't work for you and vice versa. Feel free to ask advice to other LS many old timers like me gladly help out with some advice. There are many small tricks and tools to use within the legal aspects of the game.

The most important lesson I have learned over my period of leadership is being able to be brutal and kind at the same time. Kill your own players off if they cause real problems and embrace those who prove themselves. Reward kindness and loyalty. I guarantee you that you will fail to do so at times and they will tear you apart over it. But you must give it time and they will know you try and sometimes the means aren't there for it.

Train jumps, train tactics. Never stop learning, Never give up as I said before.

5.4. As Ally-As enemy

Alliances can stand or break as fast or slow depending on how they are built. Being respectful to each other and respect each other's strengths and weaknesses increase the chance of long-term friendship. Make strict rules that make it easier to resolve issues. Be wise about who you pact and how you handle it. It can make you win the server or make you lose it before it began.

Treat your allies as you want to be treated. Have a chat where your members can talk amongst allies so they bond better.
Communication! Vital, very vital! learn it! Good skill to have. :D

For enemies, Always know your allies, but also your enemies. Anticipate what they do. Limit their opportunity to build gates in your strongholds. Ensure you know who they are allied with and who they have in the guild. Try to eliminate spies. Make sure you know who is in your guild this prevents it from happening in the first place. Be brutal, but also be forgiving after the war. Don't cross servers.
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Re: A walk in the space park - Full Guide 2018/2019 Series.

Postby Gamer798 » Mon 05 Nov, 2018 21:23

Part 6 Special accounts

6.1.Jumpgate accounts

Jumpgate accounts will require you to find the best way for you to gain the tech for jumpgates as soon as possible. 20 energy & 12 warp.
You must understand that the more construction you have the faster you can build your research bases up. The higher your research labs, and the more you have, the more tech at once you can build. Normally two to four tech labs are standard for a JG account you should be able to have enough with 2 as you only need two techs to build out and you will reach those first before you get to Tachyon tech to connect your research labs. How well you can build a JG account is not something that can be typed down easy as it comes down to how well you can micromanage your account, how fast you find easy targets to hit or how well your guild helps you out.

=> Local JG account => Use spread out technique => http://i66.tinypic.com/x2jwva.png[url]Link[/url]
=> Cluster/Galaxies JG account => Decide if you are covert or non-covert.
=> Covert => Outer edges of the map are where you set up your bases to build JG's
=> Non-Covert => Centralize your JG's to easy access to use smaller JG's of your guild or allies.
=> Build your construction
=> Build your two research labs up
=> Push Energy & Warp
=> Build economy out to support building JG's & the tech as it isn't cheap!
=> Stay under level 30 unless you are a very active and involved JG player!
=> Learn the details and the balance to maximize speed & efficiency.
=> Ask your guild members to support you with credits. (Will speed things up)
=> Keep building JG's. Categorize between important gates and secondary gates.
=> Build some Log commanders to boost the JG speed!
=> Spread your gates out as much you can.

6.2. Tiny Accounts

Is this really a thing? Yeah, unfortunately sometimes!
Tiny accounts are exactly what they sound like. They are accounts that remain small. Under level 30 so they can hit targets that try to sneak into your stronghold or if you want to hit the enemy accounts that are/remain under level 30. This is also frequently used to attack JG's under level 30 of the enemy in your stronghold. This is rather simple to build. you build your account up to a certain level and you keep it there. You just keep in mind that tech, production, construction will higher your level including the economy. Frequently Trade routes are used to pop over level 30 hit a target and fall back under it.

This is very frustrating for accounts that passed level 40 as they can't hit accounts under level 30. Level 30.01->39.99 still can hit 10 levels lower. So a level 30.01 account can hit a level 20.01 account or above. So don't think building "defences isn't necessary" Same goes for JG accounts always have some defences.

These accounts have multiple uses. From irritating the enemy to protecting your stronghold. These kinds of accounts are good for less active players or players who have erratic online times but still want to help the guild out or you simply want to irritate the hell out of everyone!

6.3. Capital Fleet accounts

This type of account is delicate and dangerous. Leadership should not blindly permit anyone to build them they do not know fully. Capital accounts are accounts that build capital fleets like DReadnought, Titan, Leviathan, death star. These fleets can decimate half your blobs easily! Just as anti-capital accounts which I talk about next. They can kill your capital fleets and leave your blob vulnerable. As Leader, it is your duty to make this a rule! That being said.

- You are a tech-focused account. Caps require a lot of techs.
- Your account is also production based. Capitals take very long
- Eventually, you will need a lot of credits too.
- Micromanagement just as with jg's is necessary!
- You build your account up with more research bases than normal
- Tech, prod, eco that is the order you focus upon, but you must keep a balance in between that at all times!
- Decide obviously what capital ship to focus on. Dreadnought is the easiest, leviathan the strongest.
- Never go for deathstars they are too slow, too costly and not strong enough to invest in it.
- Titan fleets are in the delicate middle. This is a preference thing.
- Have fighters in your capital ships with Fleet carriers/carriers to avoid Ion Frigates, Ion Bombers to take out your caps easily.
- You can also put some Frigates in if you like instead of carriers to boost fighters as Frigates kill Battleships (also ion based) easily.
- Up to date, tech makes capital ships killers. You are the last to land on blob crashes, but you decide mostly we will lose or win!
- Know your strength and weaknesses!
- Capital ships are really slow so be aware of that at all times if you go on the offensive!
- Never be the first to land! Always be a bit late (5 minutes - 20 minutes) definitely on crashes!
- The higher your production the faster they build. The higher your tech the harder they hit. The higher your economy the more you can build.
- AE is a balancing act, AE is a marathon. Keep this in mind.

6.4. Anti-Capital Accounts

This is the opposite from Capital accounts this includes Ion Bombers, Ion frigates, Battleship accounts. They should also be regulated in the guild as they can decimate your capital ships in suicides. To avoid that know who you allow building this! They can decide a crash. Save it or break it.

- Ion units are a lot easier to build than capital ships and they are cheaper.
- Focus on the spec you like for anti-cap.
- All require Fighters to boost efficiency!
- Tech, Tech, Tech!
- Ion frigates are at this moment very "meta" that means they are considered the strongest ships of their kind.
- Don't be afraid to mix some IB's for extra effect!
- Anti Cap accounts are built like any other account just with bit more ion in it!
- In crashes, it may be required to land a little later too. Although not too late!

6.5. Turtle Account

Fleet outbuilds any defence over time in AE. Keep this in mind before considering this kind of account. Please don't use that if you are in a well-organized guild until you spoke to your leaders.

These types of accounts are simple. HIgh amounts of defensive strategies to deter any enemy from hitting you to then make precision strikes to wear them out over time.
Few examples of defensive strategies that work well:

- Pr-Rings: They are expensive as hell, but if you build +4 sets it gets really pricey for you, but also for the enemy to hit you. Doing this with different defences is bit useless.
- Command Centers: This is your best defence. Every level of Command Center added 5% attack power on that base for you and allows you to occ one base of your enemy.
- Command centres are built up to level 20 cause beyond that it is too pricey unless this is a permanent set up.
- Defender commanders or Strategical commanders can also boost your defence or offence on a base.
- Fleet on your base can decrease enemy profit, but also increase it to be wise and know your enemy.
- A low eco base is also a strategy. Some players build bases up once their defs are up they decrease Economy centres, spaceports, ....
--> This will keep your account tiny and practically unusable to hurt bigger accounts in the long end this is why this is considered a garbage strategy. I put this here to give everyone the free will to choose for himself/herself. It isn't my task to force you to pick a strategy. Only to teach you what options you have.

Tip => Recruiting link to boost eco at beginning of the server. Usually is done for/With JG accounts & cap accounts.

For each recruit upgraded you will receive a one turn bonus of 10% of your total economy (up to a max. of 100%). This bonus is given daily at server time 0h.
Short: Before everyone starts they make the account with your recruiters link so if they upgrade and play at the beginning you gain extra eco to boost your account ahead. Which you will need.

Last, but not least!

Some fantastic helpful LEGAL tools & Guides (Not created by me!!!)

All new features out & coming out
Guides list
New AE tools - AEbits!!




This guide should get a few more updates before it is fully finished. Feel free to post idea's or subjects you want to see. Mistakes? Point them out.
Most of this guide is written by my hand. If proven a part of it is taken out of other guilds I gladly put the person's name under it. Some aspects can only be explained in so many words. Feel free to use my guide to make the quality of players better in AE. We have a fundamental problem with the skill quality of players these days. I prefer a good strong honest enemy over incompetent player hiding behind defences or using means that may be forbidden to compensate.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, problems, doubts or ideas.

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Re: A walk in the space park - Full Guide 2018/2019 Series.

Postby Logans Run » Tue 06 Nov, 2018 01:55

There a link on how to be a bad JG account?

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Re: A walk in the space park - Full Guide 2018/2019 Series.

Postby Slippin » Tue 06 Nov, 2018 03:48

If you want to be a bad jumpgate. Make gates and then downgrade one level mid launch or change the level of your log coms while a launch is happening. Or agree to be a gate and never do it.

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Re: A walk in the space park - Full Guide 2018/2019 Series.

Postby Logans Run » Tue 06 Nov, 2018 06:31

Slippin wrote:If you want to be a bad jumpgate. Make gates and then downgrade one level mid launch or change the level of your log coms while a launch is happening. Or agree to be a gate and never do it.
This happened? I read some buz about something bad happening in alpha but..i only half paid attention to it.

And i dont mean to downgrade you thread, Danzo. You obviously put a lot of effort into it.
..which also begs the question 'why" but hey, to each, his/her own.

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Re: A walk in the space park - Full Guide 2018/2019 Series.

Postby Gamer798 » Tue 06 Nov, 2018 11:07

If you want to be a bad JG account, Logan. Just try to be a good one. It will work out. I have faith!

The "Why" is simple. It saddens me how low the quality of players is these days. Years back AE had tons of great players.
fights were interesting and good. Could last for hours to toy with one another now this is no longer the case.
It is not up to me to fix AE. But I can contribute. This is my contribution to the community. It is small, but it is something. :)

Edit: In case you don't know how to be a good JG account it has been added now. lol :D

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Re: A walk in the space park - Full Guide 2018/2019 Series.

Postby swearengen » Thu 15 Nov, 2018 04:45

Gamer798 wrote:If you want to be a bad JG account, Logan. Just try to be a good one. It will work out. I have faith!

The "Why" is simple. It saddens me how low the quality of players is these days. Years back AE had tons of great players.
fights were interesting and good. Could last for hours to toy with one another now this is no longer the case.
It is not up to me to fix AE. But I can contribute. This is my contribution to the community. It is small, but it is something. :)

Edit: In case you don't know how to be a good JG account it has been added now. lol :D
You are 100% correct Gamer its not up to you.
All ya can do is contribute and hope others do as well and that Wizard pays attention to that and uses some of it

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