Unrest is awful

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The Hoff
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Unrest is awful

Postby The Hoff » Thu 03 Jan, 2019 16:15

This does nothing to help bullied players. The unrest is only benefiting people who run combat multis, or place plants in enemy SH to be disruptive.

The way to help bullied players is to teach them how to play. This unrest mechanic is awful.

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Philosopher Cody
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Re: Unrest is awful

Postby Philosopher Cody » Thu 03 Jan, 2019 22:49

It helps but not enough. In other games, one solution is that the base gets randomly moved to a different location. Being able to change your location or have it able to move would stop the bullying. Then a base would get moved out of a stronghold or just to a different spot where the player might be in a better position to defend.

Multis that you speak of is already an issue. That is against the rules of the game and the those players should be banned from the game. One easy way to stop multis is to have a cell phone code verification like they do with Bank accounts and other log ins to confirm who you really are. Lock people into one account per cell phone number. That would really cut down on any and all multis.

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