AE Server Merging

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AE Server Merging

Postby marti99 » Mon 07 Jan, 2019 23:34


3 New Servers and remove alle others.

Old - (Alpha-Beta-Ceti-Delta-Epsilon-Fenix-Gamma-Helion-Ixion-Juno)
Middle - (Kappa-Lyra-Mira-Nova-Omga-Pegasus-Quantum-Rigel-Sigma-Typhon
New - (all v2.0)

How you do it:

1) Players have the choice to move their accounts over to the new servers complete (bases,research,fleet)
But you will only be allowed to have one base on each galaxy no more.
2) Every of the new three Server should contain ~ 8 clusters at least.

3) Starting protection of two weeks to get everything organised.

4) One super important new feature which is very important in my eyes to keep the long time game play going and keep players from leaving.
Every guild with we say at least 5 members and 1mil fleet can declare one point as unassailable guild blob (means noone else can attack).
This is very important so we keep fights running since you can still attack every base and fleet you see elsewhere but every guild can still keep up the fight since they have one point they can save their fighting fleets even a small guild can keep up a fight.

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Re: AE Server Merging

Postby naethel » Tue 08 Jan, 2019 07:59

Why even opening new servers if this is their fate? Just make an account on those old servers if you wanna play them, cause i don’t ;) Their destiny is to stay open till no one cares about them, maybe with the developers not spittinf new servers every 3 months and working on actual gameplay features prone to balancing the game instead of a game that is done after first months - till whs spawn

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Re: AE Server Merging

Postby Rajam » Tue 08 Jan, 2019 23:00

The problem with merging servers is multi's.

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Re: AE Server Merging

Postby sURo » Wed 09 Jan, 2019 00:11

Another problem if you have 3 accounts in 3 servers that merge together.

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Re: AE Server Merging

Postby Richelieu » Wed 09 Jan, 2019 11:27

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