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Simplify the game

Postby Philosopher Cody » Thu 10 Jan, 2019 21:53

I think the following changes would just make playing the game easier: (Note many of these changes can be implemented as stand alone and are not dependent upon one another).
1. Remove "Inter Drive" and hanger values. All fighters and bombers are now stellar units. All existing stellar units are now warp units. Let's face it, the current division between stellar and warp is meaningless. No one builds a fleet without recyclers. Since recyclers are stellar units that forces all the fleets to use jumpgates. Above and beyond that no one wants to move at a snail's pace so people for over 95% of their movements use jumpgates or wormholes for any considerable travel distance. Making everything but fighter and bombers into Warp will simplify the game down and actually allow people to move slower via not using a jumpgate.
2. Carriers and Fleet Carriers can now be removed from the game.
3. Bleed through needs to be reworked. Over the course of a year this needs to be phased out to simplify the game. Each month the bleed through should be reduced by 1/12th its current amount until the year is up. The only units that should be able to hit through shields should be the Ion Bombers and Ion Frigates. If anything the Carrier and Fleet Carrier units which are being removed could be reworked into bigger and more powerful Ion type ships.
4. Revamp the goods thing. Just have a check box that puts the base into goods production. So if a player is not producing fleet it is just producing goods automatically.
5. Server merging. Older servers would be merged into Alpha. This would entail a 1 year transition period where if a player has an account on Beta server they would have 1 year to give up the account that they no longer want. There would be a benefit for giving up the account earlier than later in the form of credits. Alpha galaxies would connect to Beta galaxies. Players in Beta galaxies would be given the option to move their bases once to an Alpha galaxy. Once a Beta Galaxy no longer has any bases in it, it would be shut down. Beta server players would have 1 year to move their bases or else they forfeit the base. In the event that it is the same player in Alpha and Beta, that player has to choose which account they want to keep. Players that do not have an account in both servers would be given credits equal to the average compensation given to the players that have two accounts.
6. Base unit speeds of all ships should be increased by 50% to allow for faster movement.
7. Technology to allow bases to recover their economy faster after being occupied.
8. Remove the area requirement off all base defenses and make them take 50% less time to construct. Very rarely does someone build the lower levels of base defenses. Removing the area requirement should help to encourage a few lower levels to be built.
9. Allow guilds to have an ally list, that would allow them to let their allies use their jumpgates without having to switch guilds and prevents them from attacking one another. People move around already and it is just annoying to do. Just make this easier.

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Re: Simplify the game

Postby Winchester » Fri 11 Jan, 2019 03:15


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Re: Simplify the game

Postby Richelieu » Fri 11 Jan, 2019 11:58

Again, with the thing about combining servers.. read the stickies. This is on Whis's list of already discussed, as probably a lot of this is.

So .. being locked.


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